Exposed: Uthiru Church Where Congregants Worship Naked

  • The Church is suspected to be a cultic organization promoting immorality
  • A former member disclosed that worshiping while naked was indeed part of their practices.

Police have conducted a raid on a church in Nairobi’s Uthiru area following allegations of promoting sexual activities among its congregants.

The church, initially believed to be a legitimate place of worship, is now suspected to be a cultic organization promoting immorality. The revelation came to light after an online whistle-blower named Martha Mwihaki Hinga exposed the church’s activities.

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According to local residents, the church, nestled between Uthiru Marigu-ini and Mabatini settlements, predominantly attracts young followers, with female members often dressed provocatively. It is alleged that the main activity within the church is not preaching but rather sex orgies disguised as religious sessions, led by unidentified leaders.

An informant revealed that the pastor propagates the belief that nudity is godly, citing the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

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Members are reportedly encouraged to engage in sexual encounters, symbolically referred to as “eating fruits in the Garden of Eden.” The church also claims to be accepting of homosexuality, adding to the controversy surrounding its teachings.

Suspicions have arisen that this cult may have branches in Ruiru, Molo, and Ongata Rongai, where similar sexual activities are believed to take place during meetings.

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In response to the alarming reports, a police raid was conducted, resulting in the arrest of six members. However, investigations are ongoing, and the suspects are currently facing terror-related charges.

One former member, who followed Martha Hinga’s online exposé, confirmed the existence of the church in the Uthiru area and disclosed that worshiping while naked was indeed part of their practices.

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The revelations about the Uthiru church have sparked public outrage, with calls for its closure and legal action against its followers. Authorities are determined to gather sufficient evidence to fully understand the extent of the cult’s activities and ensure appropriate legal action is taken against those involved.


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