A 26-year-old Strathmore University graduate Got Tired Hunting for Job and Decided to Venture into Dairy Farming which Earns Him KES 1Million Monthly

Douglas Kanja, a 26-year-old guy, acted differently from his peers, he decided to venture into what most younger folks would avoid. He has a dairy farm that pays him over KES1 million every month.

Michael Njuguna: From farmhand to a multi-million dairy farmer

Douglas Kanja has a pretty appearance of a 26-year-old. But, different from his peers, he decided to venture into what most younger folks would avoid. He has a dairy farm that pays him over KES1 million every month.

Hustle in Unique Way

Mr Kanja completed his studies at Strathmore University and began hunting for work. He echoes what most businesspeople have advised job seekers for years in a country where unemployment is giving young people restless nights.

DAIRY FARM TOUR; 11th August 2018, Tujenge Dairy Farm – Embu County – Oxfarm

He grabbed an opportunity of visiting a successful farmer, and his career altered in ways he could never have anticipated only months later. “We had performed exceedingly well, and our director rewarded us handsomely.”

Mr Kanja started the vehicle purchase procedure, but a task at the farm altered his mind and priorities just as he was ready to buy his car.

“I was up in the city, but I’ve always admired farms, open landscapes, and animals. “I was astonished when I went to this white man’s property to fix his computers and observed cows being raised in a very contemporary fashion.”

Good Things Come with sweat

I witnessed individuals enjoying serene lives away from the city’s hustle and bustle, and producing far more money in pleasant and engaging ways.”

He went out seeking 3 cows with his KES330,000 incentive to begin began.

Dairy farm that runs on high-tech software - Business Today Kenya

In three years, Mr Kanja has developed his herd to over 100 animals worth KES12 million. He has done so via determination, dedication, and sacrifice.

He explained, “I denied myself the BMW, but that was the best decision ever.”

I phoned the bank and cancelled the vehicle purchase while still at the farm. “I spent the following two months touring dairy farms and learning everything I could.” I realized not just an intriguing business opportunity, but also one that I thoroughly enjoyed.”

“In general, the prospects in farming are limitless. “The demand for agricultural products is getting exponential for a rapidly rising population and more people preferring to reside in cities,” he remarked at his Kimende farm on the Nairobi-Naivasha highway.

Dairy farmers embrace Artificial Insemination technology – Kenya News Agency

His milk costs KES30 per litre. “Dairy farming is 70% management and 30% inputs,” he says, revealing his winning technique.

“My greatest daily yield is 55 litres per cow.” The benchmark in the United States is 60 to 80 litres per cow each day.”

Give Up Never an Option

He recognizes that this will require more effort. “This is my life, and I won’t quit until I reach the pinnacle of worldwide achievement.” “I am my boss, and I adore what I do” because of the cows.

He wants to create a biogas power plant to “balance my whole energy expense while still powering this entire community,” according to the IT graduate.

He’s looking at bio fertilizer and combining feeding, vet care, milking, and supplies into one computerized system that he can access from everywhere in the globe on his phone.

Final Thoughts

Many people believe an office job is superior to physical labour. One explanation for this is that white-collar positions are perceived to be more lucrative financially. Today’s youth are taught that a college diploma is a route to a successful and fulfilling life which is not true at all.

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