Shouts of P Square fills the air as the music duo visits Sierra leone after reunion

PSQUARE Reactivated

P Square was created in 1999 and won the “Grab Da Mic” competition sponsored by Benson & Hedges in 2001. “Last Nite,” their debut record, was sponsored by the corporation. This was their first break into the Nigerian music industry, and their lives have never been the same since. They were nominated for the Kora Awards as the “Most Promising Duo” less than three months after releasing their debut album and winning the 2003 Amen Award. In 2005, they released “Get Squared,” their second album. In 2007, they released “Game Over,” which remains their best-selling album to date. “Double Trouble,” their most recent album together, was released in 2014. P Square’s Bank Alert became an instant smash, a club banger, and a street anthem when it was released in 2016.

The good news is that PSquare (actual names Peter and Paul) from Nigeria is back, and fans have been waiting for this for a long time. P Square, which consists of Mr P and Rudeboy, is now Africa’s most popular music duet. They’ve collaborated with superstars such as Akon, Rick Ross, Wizkid, 2 Baba, Don Jazzy, and a long list of others. As previously said, they began their career together in the 1990s and have not stopped promoting their songs. They split up in 2017 because to a disagreement, but reunited in November 2021 after 5 years of pursuing their own careers. Their return was one of the most significant events on the African continent. P Square’s reunion has elicited praise from a variety of blogs, clubs, radio stations, fans, and well-wishers.

Peterpsquare’s official Instagram profile was used as a source.

The delight in a video now circulating on social media, particularly Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, where fans welcomed P Square in style at an event in Sierra Leone, knows no bounds.

On the 18th of December, P Square officially announced their “P Square revived” event. Families with a blood line flowing through their veins are prone to conflict, but the good news is that when they reunite, they become united and operate as a team. Two heads are better than one, as the common saying goes.

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