Dancer David Moya almost hurt by a zebra kick while taking photos.

Moya David was kicked by a zebra while filming in Zambia.

Viral tiktok dancer has arrived in Zambia. Love is illuminating the streets. He has already performed for two days. It was also lit.

The most popular Tiktok dancer is a cheerful dude. Just landed a gig in Zambia after reaching 2.8 million followers on tiktok. What a lovely month it has been for him.

David, on the other hand, was nearly killed by a zebra’s kick. He had just finished touring the park when everything went wrong. View the video below.

David went to Zambia’s park after a lit show. And, as is common practice, the dancer started to snap photographs. This happened out of nowhere.

Watch video below.

video courtesy of Mpashogram.

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