“I make 1 million kwa siku mbili tiktok,” Prince Mwiti boasts as he displays his Sh4.8 million TikTok pay cheque

Digital content creator Prince Mwiti has shared why he immensely loves creating content for TikTok and why he has no plans of ever quitting TikTok

His comments come just after the 28-year-old controversial TikToker lost his account, which had over 240k followers.

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Mwiti instantly created a new account and went on TikTok Live to address his claimed detractors who were celebrating his death. Infuriated, Prince Mwiti went online and bragged about the millions he makes from the social media app.

“Congratulations. I’ve made a lot of money from that account. “It was a very beautiful account,” said the 28-year-old content creator.

He then proceeded to demonstrate records from his PayPal account, which show that he has earned millions of Kenyan shillings, according to the screenshots.

“Even the other one was hacked, and I was earning money. I will not stop. TikTok is my life. We will receive the money again. That’s how much money I made from that account,” the TikTok user added.

According to the PayPal snapshot, Prince Mwiti had accumulated $36,921.93, which is equivalent to Sh.4.8 million.

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Mwiti concluded his comprehensive diatribe by addressing those who wished him ill and others who had been celebrating him losing his account because they assumed he had lost the money he had gained, as well as emphasizing that he was unstoppable.

“I’m all set, thank you very much. Let us start over. This is the money; it’s in my PayPal. “You all thought I lost it; I’m very unstoppable,” the TikToker exclaimed as he urged people to follow his new account.

Reacting to his post, netizens went wild, discussing what they would do if they won such a large sum of money by quitting their employment, while others expressed their surprise at learning that TikTok pays much.

It is unclear what caused Mwiti’s account to be suspended, but this is not the first time the TikToker has lost access to his social media site. Previously, he had feuds with other content developers.

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