Octopizzo Aliniblock: Music Producer Motif Di Don Speaks up About Octopizzo’s Avoiding Him

First, rising music producer Motif Di Don has spoken out about the increasing feud between him and veteran rapper Octopizzo, which led to his the blocking.

During a recent interview with SPM Buzz, Motif also discussed his strong friendship with Octopizzo’s rival artist, Khaligraph Jones.

What Caused the Conflict between Octopizzo and Motif the Don

As we all know, Khaligraph and Octopizzo have been musical competitors for decades. Following a commercial misunderstanding, the two began their careers together before being able to separate. According to Motif Di Don, this could be the basis for his hate of Octopizzo.

The producer feels that working with Khaligraph Jones on multiple projects has weakened their relationship with Octopizzo.

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Furthermore, Motif claimed that coming from the same area as Khaligraph Jones, which encouraged them to work together, could possibly have added to their beef.

According to Motif Di Don, him, and Octopizzo used to get along well until things got hot, and Octopizzo ended up blocking him.

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