Octopizzo And Fena Gitu Named To Meta’s Rising Star Campaign

  • Octopizzo and Fena Gitu were selected as rising stars in the recently announced African campaign by the multinational corporation.

Meta is committed to growing the content sector by promoting African rising stars.

The organization selects from a diverse pool of content creators from throughout the continent. Music, lifestyle, artistic works, and many more.

Octopizzo and Fena Gitu were picked by Meta as emerging African talent stars

They chose Octopizzo, a hip-hop musician, and Fena Gitu, a song vocalist in Kenya.

Octopizzo was just crowned the first Kenyan musician to reach 1 million views on YouTube in 36 hours, thanks to his ‘Sijawai’ track.

Fena Gitu, on the other hand, has released her much-anticipated anticipated album ‘love art lust’ and published it on his Instagram account.

The artists thanked meta-affiliates on Facebook and Instagram for recognizing talents and spreading content globally.

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