Betty Kyalo Explains How She Deals With Endless Trolls

Betty Kyallo, the TV47 anchor, has no space for bad energy, which may explain why she has been making huge movements.

The single mother of one came to Facebook to discuss how she has dealt with internet savages and negative energy over the last decade while she has been the center of attention.

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Apparently, she professes not to read bad statements about herself.

Betty stated that her friends understand that she does not engage in bad energies, therefore they avoid forwarding any stories that may damage her.

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According to her, she has learned to shield her heart and recommends others to do the same.

“Learn to protect your heart. Many people ask me how I deal with trolls and haters, and what I’ve learned over the last decade as a public person is how to safeguard my heart and energies.

“I pick what I consume; I do not read unpleasant stories or remarks about myself, and my close friends and family never send me anything that may harm my spirit. It’s like a bubble. I also learned that not everyone needs to like me. I’m fine with that because the amount of love I receive is insane,” she stated.

“I am also aware that this is not a “famous people” issue. Anyone can go through it. It could be hatred or discrimination from family and friends. Learn to become blind to the things that shatter your soul. You don’t need to hear everything. Who said what about you? Avoid distractions and prioritize your mental wellness. “Take care of yourself,” she continued.

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