Mambo Imechemka: Pastor Kanyari meets Gay Tiktoker Chokuu during a live session

Pastor Kanyari, a well-known man of God, brought Tiktok to a halt after meeting with German-based Tiktoker Mpenzi Chokuu.

Chokuu is recognized for his LGBT characters on social media. Where he usually shares images of his gay prostitute business, which is now operating in Germany, Europe.

Pastor Kanyari meets gay Tiktok user Chokuu

The two had a brief talk, with Kanyari encouraging Chokuu to choose God and become saved. The preacher also offered to pray for him to become a better man.

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The talk proceeded. However, the gay Tiktoker turned to a romantic session with the man of God, asking if he could offer $2000 (Kenyan shillings 200,000) for a hot session with him.

The preacher could be heard in the tape complaining about the large sum. But Chokuu informed him that people have money out here.

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