Mulamwah Provides Rising Gengetone Artist ‘Ngesh Wa Vasha’ With Video Vixen Role Support

  • Mhlamwah, a famous comedian, has offered a vixen role in Ngesh wa Vasha’s forthcoming music video.

Aside from the video vixen role, the Milele FM host has also promised to connect the musician with her mentor, Ssaru wa Manyaru,  a gengetone artist.

Ngesh wa Vasha and his crew mate’s spider clan have been trending on the Internet, after the release of the Rieng Genje song.

Mulamwah’s encounter with Ngesh wa Vasha

The radio host and comedian met with Ngesh Wa Vasha in a recent interview. Ngeah is a viral lyricist on the popular Spider clan song ‘Rieng Genje’

Mulamwah expressed his entire support for the emerging musician in an interview with YouTuber 2 Mbili. This included the Vixen part if she would need one.
Speaking with 2 Mbili a YouTuber, Mulamwah offered full support to the upcoming musician. This was including the Vixen role, if she would need one.

“Karibu Nairobi husanye hii pesa. Huku pesa ni mingi huwezi maliza ata ukikuja na gunia” narrated mulamwah. He even volunteered to assist the artist in meeting Ssaru, a Gengetone artist with whom Ngesh Wa Vasha had hinted at cooperating.

The internet sensation, Ngesh Wa Vasha, has hinted at the imminent release of a popular song. The 22-year-old is confident that 2023 will be the year of breaking down barriers.

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