KRG The Don Blasts Octopizzo On Buying Views For His New Song

  • Controversial KRG The Don, a self-proclaimed billionaire, accused Octopizzo of purchasing views.
  • Octopizzo recently hit a record with over 1 million viewers in 24 hours. A watershed moment in Kenya’s music business.

According to KRG, he couldn’t believe such a musician as Octopizzo might break the number of views quickly, thereby exposing him to buying views.

About Octopizzo

Octopizzo is a hip-hop musician from Kibra, Nairobi, Kenya. He has been in the music industry for approximately a decade, making him one of East Africa’s most consistent artists.

Octopizzo sets a new record for the most views in 24 hours

After months behind bars, octopizzo released a music video in May 2023. Within 24 hours, the song ‘Sijawai’ had nearly a million views. The rapper established a new record, becoming the country’s first musician to do so.

The song, which premiered on May 24, has received 913, 780 views and 39,000 likes. The majority of the comments on the singer’s YouTube page are filled with admiration and adoration for her skill.

The rapper’s tracks typically address topics that people encounter daily, such as urban hardships, poverty, and tribal warfare.

KRG’s stance on Octopizzo purchasing views

Octopizzo was assaulted and accused of purchasing views by KRG shortly after the release of his ‘Sijawai’ tune.

The self-proclaimed Don (KRG) was unconcerned. He believes, Octopizzo, cannot achieve such a large number of views.

According to him, KRG The Don, achieving such a figure for such an outmoded musician isn’t easy. Furthermore, keep in mind that his music is inferior to the current wave in the country.

KRG The Don could additionally point to the rapper as another musician who is less appealing to the audience compared to him.

Afterwards, Octopizzo is a fantastic African artist. He is regarded as one of the continent’s top rappers, making him an inspiration to many. His consistency in the music sector allows him to set additional records in the future.

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