Kenyan Entrepreneurial Teacher Reaps Huge Profits from his Business Empire in the United States after Being Ejected from a Friend’s Home.

Humble Beginnings: Kenyan teacher who has built a profitable business empire in America.

The actual story of a Kenyan teacher who established a lucrative business empire in the United States.
Starting From Scratch
Wambui was born into an impoverished household in Nairobi, Kenya. Her father decided to create a butcher business in the city when her family began raising animals. Her mother, on the other hand, worked as a flight attendant.
Wambui dreamed of going across the world and reading books for most of her childhood. Her desire, on the other hand, would be realized when she was 15 years old. As a result of her mother’s hard work, Wambui was granted the chance to travel to California in the United States. While she was there, she would have a blast visiting the world-famous Disneyland theme park.

Her road to a brighter life in the United States would begin with this trip. Wambui applied for an exchange student scholarship at Scio, Oregon, shortly after graduating from high school.

Power of Networking
Her first job was connected to her through friends who were instrumental in her career. When she was 23, she accepted an opportunity to sell African art at a business managed by a woman she met via mutual contacts. She moved in with the woman after buying many bags of African art and making additional contacts across the city.

Wambui Machua - Owner - Spice of Africa | LinkedIn

Wambui will soon realize that success does not come easily. Wambui will be ejected from the residence by the woman who had earlier welcomed her in.
“She said to me once, ‘You have to go,'” Wambui recalled in anguish.
“I started it wouldn’t be an issue,” she explained. I begin packing my possessions and preparing to depart the residence. Then there’s the issue of reimbursing her for the things she’s already taken.
She said, “She shuts the door in my face and refuses to let me get the remainder of my items.”
Her friends took her in, and while she was still seeking a new direction in life, she was given a green card, allowing her to start a company and explore other possibilities.

“I was homeless when I was tossed out of that woman’s house because I didn’t have a place to call home.”
Someone was gracious enough to let me in even though they had no idea who I was. They stepped in to help me. So, if I’m capable, why don’t I provide a helping hand to someone else?” she reasoned.

Wambui Machua (@Spice_Of_Africa) / Twitter

Wambui eventually transferred to Portland, Oregon, and enrolled in Tigard’s University of Phoenix. After earning her bachelor’s degree in management, she founded Spice of Africa.

Expertise and knowledge
She gradually began giving cooking classes and developing her business. Her business developed as she traded at farmer’s markets, catered events, and eventually built her restaurant at the Morrison Market.
In the United States, Spice of Africa is today a booming commercial operation.

Kenyan Diaspora Wambui Machua: From homeless to a thriving business

Spice of Africa’s goals are growing, and she’s currently working on a cookbook as well as a collection of short stories and poems based on her experiences in Kenya and Portland.
Her experience as a teacher comes in handy when she instructs other cooks on how to use African spices.
Wambui expresses her gratitude to those who have inspired her along the way, helping her to rise to the top of the culinary industry in the United States.
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