Pesa iko Tiktok! Popular House Manager Rosie Receives Ksh100,000 Within Hours From TikTok Live

Rosie, who recently departed Lebanon, has been in the news due to her former boss’s support, earning up to Ksh 100,000 on Tiktok.

Roseline “Rosie” Atieno, a viral home helper from Kenya, was praised by her previous employer on TikTok for effectively monetizing her platform and capitalising on her notoriety following her departure from Lebanon.

The former employer admitted to watching Rosie do live sessions every night and surmised that if she keeps up her current rate, she might be able to make over Sh. 100k every evening.

The Lebanese mother, known on TikTok as Maria and Cateleya, the names of her two youngest children, revealed that she has been helping Rosie. She did not, however, elaborate on the specifics of this support.

In a TikTok live video, her previous Lebanese boss stated, “Rosie is going live every night, and if she keeps up with good content every night she can make up to Sh 76,000 to Sh 153,000.”

Maria’s mother underlined that if Rosie makes the most of her online profile, she might be able to make enough money to maintain her kids on her own without having to move away from them. In an effort to persuade Rosie to stay in Kenya, she asked those who admired her and followers to visit and contribute to her live feeds.

Is it just me, or is this Lebanese woman giving off thoughts of the “white messiah”? I recall that when the pair first started exploiting Rosie as a cash cow, internet users complained, but they didn’t give it any thought until recently.)

That will be plenty to support her life, send her gifts, and care for her children in Kenya. The woman went on, “She deserves to stay with her kids.”

When asked how the kids were adjusting to Rosie’s departure, especially the little twin daughters Maria and Cateleya, their mother said they really missed her. They are depressed when they see her online, but they are gradually learning how to deal with these feelings.

The mother of five stated, “Of course, Maria and Cateleya feel bad when they see her, but they will get used to it.”

The twin who was closest to Rosie, Maria, revealed in a separate post that she had not been eating or sleeping well since Rosie left.

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