Prankster Nicki Bigfish Opens Up on His Arrest

  • Nicki Bigfish was jailed for three months at the Nairobi West Prison
  • He has also been sued severally for his pranks.

Renowned Kenyan prankster Nicki Bigfish recently disclosed that he was once arrested for violating traffic rules. Narrating the Incident on Obina’s Kula Kula Show, the prankster told how he once boarded an overloaded matatu at Kariokor.

At the time, the Michuki traffic laws were strictly in effect. Traffic police stopped the vehicle, and Nicki and several other passengers were arrested for travelling as excess passengers and lacking seat belts.

Consequently, they were jailed for three months at the Nairobi West prison. The Eastleigh High School alumni also revealed that he was once a devout member of the praise and worship team at a famous Nairobi church, although he currently considers himself an atheist.

Nicki Bigfish, whose real name is Nickson Andere, gained popularity by pranking random people on the streets and capturing their reactions on camera. He is notably recognized for his work as the team leader of the team that shot “Naswa pranks” for Citizen TV between 2011 and 2o13.

He has a significant following on various social media platforms, including YouTube, where he has over 150 000 subscribers. His YouTube channel, titled “AFRICA’s 001 PRANKSTER,” features his prank videos.

Nicki Bigfish’s pranks involve approaching strangers in public and creating humorous situations to elicit reactions from them. He often puts himself at risk while performing these pranks.

His comedy style and daring pranks have attracted many followers. Nicki Bigfish is known for making people laugh and has appeared on shows such as Churchill and Ebru TV’s Jibonge.

Nicki Bigfish has faced some controversies in his career. In one instance, he was issued a 30-day vacation notice by his landlords after mocking them and their caretakers in one of his prank videos.

He and his cameraman have also encountered personal challenges, including an incident where he was attacked while shooting a prank in a bar. Despite these challenges, Nicki Bigfish continues entertaining his audience and is well-regarded in the Kenyan comedy scene.

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