Joshua Kiprotich Impresses Netizens By Displaying His Three-Bedroom Mansion, Which He Built While Working as A Makanga

  • Joshua was overjoyed after completing his first house just months after joining the matatu business as a’makanga’.

About Joshua Kiprotich

Joshua lives in Kiptuya, Nandi County. He was a former county steeplechase champion who had held the record since his high school days. She worked as a matatu conductor on the Eldoret Iten road.

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After several efforts, we were able to reach Joshua through our interview. Our main goal was to have a one-on-one talk with him to explain how he accomplished his success.

Following a difficult knee injury, the 34-year-old guy had given up on an athletics career that he thought would fulfil his goals.

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He was then obliged to work as a Matatu conductor’makanga’ before his financial success and the construction of his first home.

As a matatu ‘Makanga,’ he managed to earn a few cents, which he spent on medication before identifying his fortune.

Joshua Kiprotich’s Three-Bedroom House Construction

After only a few months as a’makanga,’ Joshua astonished many when he announced the commencement of his foundation for a three-bedroom house in April 2023.

The Nandi guy was able to put a few coins at risk by taking a gamble that eventually paid off. Thank you Lizz accurate tips for making his desires come true.

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Through Lizz accurate tips, he placed a bet with a sum of 300 Kenya shillings and won 1.5M Kenya shillings. It was his first time gambling, according to him.

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The money helped finance the construction of his dream house, which he had set aside after his athletic injury.

In conclusion, Joshua is a fantastic example of luck because that was his first-time gambling. His experience serves as an inspiration to those who have never engaged in gambling before.

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