Famous TikToker Shosh Wa kinangop’ Sheng Master’ Has Passed Away

  • Shosh Wa Kinangop, a creator of content, died on June 3rd, leaving her fans in sadness.

Before his death, the old mother was ill for several months.

Shosho W Kinangop once shared to have been in bed for a long time since her body was weakening.

“I haven’t left my people.” I’ve been sick; when I get better, I’ll see you. God is wonderful.”

Shosh Wa Kinangop explored the creation of content, and Kenyans adored her work. Most of her videos featured her in a blue pull-over sweater.

She had gained popularity on the internet. Her TikTok account has accumulated over 400k followers. She once amazed fans by speaking ‘Shembeteng’ fluently.
“Msinione mimi ni shosho, me najua sheng, nawalambotove.”

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