Chris Brown Exited over Jalango’s Video, Shares it on Instagram

  • The video is a 30-second clip of Jalang’o interpreting a hilarious quote.

Jalang’o was over the moon after his video clip was shared by RNB pop star Chris Brown. The five-year-old clip was a memento of Jalango’s time at Hot 96, where he used to host the morning show alongside Jeff Koinange. Jalang’o used to share and interpret hilarious quotes in the show, which he dubbed the ‘Mugabe school of quotes’.

In the video, where the apparent subject was Kenyan ladies, Jalang’o says:

‘If you are ugly, you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty. Men do not walk around with X-rays to see your inner Beauty.”

The Langata member of parliament has long been known for his comedic utterances throughout his career as a radio host at Kiss FM, Milele fm, and Hot 96. He recently revealed that he is pursuing a master’s degree and is attending aviation lessons alongside DJ Joe Mfalme in a bid to get licensed as a private pilot.

He also vowed to become the first Luo president and write a book titled ‘Satan Must Repent’. Finally, he hinted at a radio comeback, saying he used to earn more as a radio host than his current salary as a legislator.

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