Wajackoyah: I Have Planted Weed on My Jamaican Farm

  • Wajackoyah says he owns a home in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
  • He spoke during a meeting with Richie Spice

2022 Presidential aspirant George Wajackoyah has revealed that he owns a home in Montego Bay in Jamaica where he grows ‘weed’. He spoke during a meeting with veteran Jamaican Reggae artist Richie Spice who is in the country for a concert.

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During the meeting, Wajackoyah revealed that he used Richie Spice’s music to inspire youths during his presidential campaigns. He added that he also used Luciano’s music, a Jamaican reggae artist who recently invited him to a Dallas concert.

Wajackoyah says his connection with Jamaica started when he was practicing as a solicitor in London.

“I have worked with British Jamaicans, who educated me into the immigration practice. I also consider myself a household name in the Reggae world as I am the first person to form a political party based on the weed culture”, he said.

Finally, he warned journalists against discriminating against him, saying they are paid peanuts by the ‘system’ while he owns a media house in New York.

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