“My Son Will Haunt You” Jeff’s Mother to Dj Fatxo

 “My Son Will Haunt You” Jeff’s Mother to Dj Fatxo
  • Dj Fatxo was interviewed on Radio Jambo concerning Jeff Mwathi’s death.
  • Jeff’s mother accused Fatxo of bribing his way out of justice.

As DJ Fatxo celebrates his name being cleared, Jeff’s mother is still bitter from the apparent lack of justice for her son. Speaking on a call during Fatxo’s live interview on Radio Jambo, she accused him of murdering her son, lamenting the lack of justice in the country.

“Fatxo ni muuaji na aliua mtoto wangu. Kama sio yeye angesema mwenye aliua Jeff na chenye kilifanya amuue. Kwa nini nyumba ya Fatxo haikufanywa crime scene? Alifanya vibaya sana kuua mtu hadharani. Naomba mtoto wangu aishi kuwasumbua na aue Watoto wao wote,” she ranted.

In his defense, a teary Dj Fatxo pleaded with Jeff’s mother to consider his side of the story. He said he would not have murdered Jeff in his house as that would tarnish his brand.

Instead, had he been the murderer, he would have disposed of the body in a parking lot or the nearby Safari Park Forest. He also dismissed allegations that he bribed himself out of justice.

“I live in a two-bedroomed rental apartment. Where would I get the money to bribe government officials?” he asked.

He added that the only achievement from his music career is building a house for his mother, saying his Mercedes was bought via a loan and still has pending arrears of sh 1 million. He also considers his house haunted and will move out once cleared by the DCI.

Netizens responded by advising DJ Fatxo to keep off media interviews and social media for a while, as his struggles to prove his innocence will only worsen a bad situation.

Benson Bundi

Business writer

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