Irene Nekesa: Diana Bahati’s Highest-Paid Nanny In Kenya

Irene Nekesa boosts her paycheck of Ksh 100,000 with her social media platforms.

The housekeeper is an example of an employee who has become a member of the family. The amazing nanny has been with the Bahatis for five years and has formed a deep bond with the entire family, including the children.

In an interview, Irene noted that her bosses have taught her smart money-making techniques and encouraged her to work harder.

Diana Bahati has always been honest about her feelings for her housekeeper Irene. She has stated on multiple occasions how much she loves her, how much she trusts her, and how she would never let her go, viewing her as a gift from God.

In an interview with NTV, the Nanny stated that the Bahatis opened many doors for her, both socially and financially. Nairobi Gossip Club announced the news on their Instagram page.

Irene was introduced to the social media realm by her employer Diana B, where she participated in the majority of their content on social media platforms and shocked many because of the deep affinity she seemed to share with the family.

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The nanny also appears in multiple Bahati videos, most of which are thought to be staged, including their lavish gifts to one other, which viewers feel are scams. She has also participated in family holidays and activities. Her income from sponsorship deals accounts for 60% of her salary.


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