Gloria Kyallo: I Hired a Nanny for my Dogs

  • Gloria Kyallo says she hired a nanny to take care of her dogs
  • She spoke in an interview during the Kyallo Culture Season 2 premiere on Showmax.

Gloria Kyallo, who describes herself as a ‘puppy mum’, recently disclosed that she pays a nanny to care for her dogs. Speaking in an interview during the Kyallo Culture Season 2 premiere on Showmax, Gloria fondly referred to her dogs as her babies, saying she takes excellent care of them.

“I walk them every morning and evening. I feed them three times a day, and I hired a nanny to look after them when I am away, “she said.

Gloria, who is Betty Kyallo’s youngest sister, also said she would not be fighting her sisters during season 2 of the Kyallo Culture. She has learned to appreciate their differences and regards her sisters as icons who inspire many people.

However, she revealed being still scared of the cameras, saying she is yet to get used to so much attention after recently completing her schooling.

Her biggest life lesson is that she has learned to be cautious about how she acts in front of people and is careful about where she goes and the people she talks with.

Finally, when asked what she would like people to know about her, Gloria described herself as a free spirit who says whatever comes to her mind.

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