Azimio Urged To Expel Rebels Starting With Jalang’o, Ojienda

  • Mutahi Ngunyi calls on Azimio Party to expel rebels within its ranks.
  • He cites the recent example set by Jubilee during their National Delegates Conference (NDC) 2023.
  • Ngunyi emphasizes the importance of maintaining party discipline and unity.
  • Expelling rebels would result in the loss of their seats.

Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has called on the Azimio Party to follow in the footsteps of Jubilee and expel rebels within its ranks.

Following the recent expulsion of rebels by Jubilee during the National Delegates Conference (NDC) 2023, Ngunyi believes that it is imperative for other Azimio-affiliated parties to take similar action to ensure party unity and discipline.

Azimio rebels

Drawing attention to the actions taken by Jubilee, Ngunyi emphasizes that rebels within Azimio Party should also face expulsion, resulting in the loss of their seats. He argues that this step is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the party and upholding the principles upon which it was founded.

“Now that Jubilee has taken a firm stance and expelled the rebels, it is only fitting that other parties under the Azimio coalition follow suit. The expulsion of rebels is necessary to preserve party cohesion and send a clear message that defiance will not be tolerated,” stated Mutahi Ngunyi.

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Ngunyi further suggests utilizing Articles 97 and 98 of the constitution to recall rebel Members of Parliament (MPs). According to him, voters have the power to initiate the recall process, and it is essential for Azimio Party to utilize this constitutional provision to hold rebels accountable for their actions.

“The utilization of Articles 97 and 98 of the constitution allows voters to exercise their democratic right and recall MPs who have deviated from the party’s principles. Starting with figures such as Jalango and Tom Ojienda of ODM, it is crucial to hold these rebels accountable and uphold the integrity of the Azimio coalition,” emphasized Ngunyi.

Will Azimio act?

It remains to be seen how Azimio Party will respond to Ngunyi’s call, and whether they will follow the example set by Jubilee in expelling rebels. As political dynamics continue to evolve, the actions taken by parties in addressing internal dissent will play a significant role in shaping the political landscape moving forward.

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