Gengetone musician,Trio Mio lands an International Collabo With American Rapper Wiz Khalifa

  • Trio Mio will work on an international track with American artist Wiz Khalifa in the coming days. 

Trio is one of the most promising young artists in East Africa and Africa as a whole. Trio Mio’s voice has grabbed the hearts of many music fans since the release of his debut tune.

Following the news of a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa, the rapper will now be considered international. This is fantastic news not only for Kenya but for Africa as a whole. The collaboration is a rare opportunity for Kenyan artists, and Trio must consider himself lucky to have earned it.

Jinz, Boomplay’s artist relations manager, revealed the shocking news in a recent interview with Pulse. He revealed that the collabo was already scheduled and had been cleared by Wiz Khalifa’s management.

In an interview with Pulse, Jinx emphasized the necessity of collaborating with an artist as a pillar in the development of every artist.

“Collaborations, I believe, are crucial in artistic growth. It is also very important to further improve the sound,” Jinx stated.

In mid-August, Mio and Wiz Khalifa will illuminate the studios. This comes ahead of Trio Mio’s Music Tour in Australia, where he will perform in Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

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