Brian Chira’s Cousin, Iano Makes Ksh.170,000 on Tiktok In Less Than Ten Minutes

Since the death of Brian Chira, his cousin Iano took to TikTok, where he soon was received with admiration.

Unlike Brian, who is known for his confrontational personality, Iano exhibits a calm and serene approach that has appealed to viewers.

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Iano had a unique reception when he made his TikTok debut. During his first live session, a viewer made a spontaneous motion and surprised him with many virtual “lions.” Prince Mwiti, Cindy Baby, and Hannah Bentah were among the famous TikTok stars present at this encounter.

Iano earned five virtual lions in less than 10 minutes, surprising his fellow TikTokers. His response, however, contradicted expectations.

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However, he remained calm and unconcerned. For those familiar with TikTok culture, each lion represents around 34,000 Kenyan shillings, reaching an incredible 170,000 Kenyan shillings for Iano.

Iano, a student navigating the intricacies of university life, understands the magnitude of this windfall. Such a figure is a substantial financial windfall, especially given that it was acquired within a single TikTok session.

Indeed, TikTok has grown as a platform where huge monetary incentives are possible, as evidenced by people like Pastor Kanyari, who have earned significant fortune through their online presence.

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