Khaligraph Jones Discusses Switching To Gospel Music

Khaligraph Jones, a well-known Kenyan and African rapper, recently hinted at leaving the genre of hip-hop to pursue a career in evangelical music.

During an interview, Khaligraph, better known as OG, disclosed that his musical career began in 2008 as a gospel performer. Despite his transition to rap music, people familiar with his early career identify his origins in church.

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Khaligraph expressed his thoughts on the transition, stating that time will eventually reveal his destiny. He stated that before he concludes his artistic activities, he will fully embrace gospel music. For Khaligraph, this transformation will occur organically, led by divine intervention.

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Notably, Khaligraph Jones has previously ventured into gospel music with pieces like “Sifu Bwana,” which features Nyashinski, demonstrating his versatility as a musician and regard for spirituality.

Beyond his probable change to gospel, Khaligraph has had a significant impact on Kenya’s hip-hop environment, challenging stereotypes and perceptions of the genre.

His music has a greater reach, crossing age barriers and redefining the narrative of rap as a nonviolent and accessible art form.

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