Kimeumana: KRG Agrees To Settle His Beef With Kibe Inside The Ring

Kenyan media personality Andrew Kibe and dancehall artist KRG the Don have set the stage for an exciting confrontation in a boxing ring.

The upcoming confrontation began with a challenge made by Andrew Kibe himself. Kibe summoned KRG to a pugilistic fight in a video shared across social media platforms, requiring a month-long training program prior to the awful meeting inside the ring.

The stakes have been set, with Kibe stating that the survivor will collect a significant prize of Ksh 1 million, while the losing party will be urged to remain silent and show proper respect to their conqueror from now on. For Kibe, this competition is a litmus test to determine the pinnacle of strength between him and the musical master.

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In a quick response to the challenge, KRG excitedly accepted, aiming for an August showdown and offering the courtesy of choosing an appropriate day, preferably during a period of school closures, to ensure complete attention on the upcoming fight. KRG’s excitement for the next fight is evident, as he expresses his unflinching readiness.

The two enemies had a rare face-to-face encounter in February, following a long period of enmity expressed mostly through the internet arena. Their secret encounter at an undisclosed place in Nairobi revealed the presence of MP Babu Owino. However, the KRG’s publication of videos from this interaction disappointed many, who had expected a physical confrontation to resolve their issues.

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In a startling interview, KRG shed insight on the origins of their dispute, attributing it to Kibe’s predilection for targeting persons who fulfill familiar responsibilities—a trait KRG believes Kibe lacks. With fans’ excitement building, the upcoming battle promises to resolve the burning question of who will win.

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