Kwani ni Kiberiti: KRG Slams Vincent Mboya for Spending Ksh 900,000 on His First Car

On May 2023, Vincent Mboya was attacked by KRG The Don, after buying his first car, from content creation revenue of Ksh 900,000.

According to KRG the Don, he argues that the car is too little and worthy the size of a matchbox “Kiberiti.

About Vincent Mboya

Vincent Mboya is a digital content creator and YouTuber. He was previously known for asking Langa’ata members of parliament Jalang’o shilling eight thousand rent money. He later criticized the MP for taking advantage of him to get fame.

Vincent mboya’s New Car

Vincent Mboya was able to purchase his first car after working in the content industry for almost a year. A brand-new white Suzuki model valued at 900,000 Kenya shillings.

He afterwards asked his Catholic mother for her blessings before taking it on the road.

 KRG on Vincent mboya’s New Car

KRG The Don couldn’t be bothered because of the car’s diminutive size. He chastised Vincent Mboya for purchasing a car the size of a matchbox, joking that it must have cost less money.

He did, however, commend him for his hard work and consistency in providing information to his fans.


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