Esther Musila Praises Women Who Turned Down Husband Gurdian Angel

    • Esther Musila, the spouse of Guardian Angel, recently revealed information about her past relationships and expressed gratitude for the life they have built together.
    • Four years after they initially met, the pair is still happy in their relationship.

    In a recent interview, Esther Musila said that meeting the gospel musician Guardian Angel at the age of fifty marked a turning point in her life.

    As she thought back on their union, Esther Musila expressed gratitude to Guardian Angel’s former partners for turning him down.

    “Nashukuru Sana Wasichana Waliomuacha Guardian Angel Akiteseka Kwa Sababu Walinipatia Mume,” she said, acknowledging that their choices had made it possible for her to meet a life partner.

    A viewpoint on age and the length of a marriage was provided by Guardian Angel, who emphasised that age is not the only factor in determining a successful marriage. He related stories of close friends he had met and married younger women, only to watch their marriages fall apart after six months.

    On January 4, 2022, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila were married in private. The couple, who recently celebrated their second anniversary and Guardian Angel’s 35th birthday, is still steadfastly dedicated to one another on their path of love and friendship.

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