Anita Santuri Expresses her Passion for A man Who Seeks Financial Support From Her

  • Anita, co-host of Milele FM’s mid-morning show with Mitch Comedian, stated that she prefers a partner who is transparent about money.
  • She underlined the value of reciprocal respect in a relationship and expressed her wish for a man who approaches her without hesitation when she needs money.
  • Anita made it clear that she finds it offensive that her partner would look to other women for financial support.

The radio personality discussed a common pattern she has noticed, pointing out that some men appear more comfortable receiving financial assistance from female colleagues rather than their relationships.

“I appreciate a man who feels safe approaching me for financial assistance. It’s a gesture of respect in my opinion. “I don’t want a situation in which my man turns to other women for money,” Anita Santuri stated during the radio show.

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Santuri ascribed this trend to what she believes is a lack of discretion among some women. She expressed concern about a repeating tendency in which women who have financially supported their partners boast to their peers about their important role in maintaining the relationship. According to Santuri, this behaviour creates a dynamic in which males may feel obligated to seek financial assistance.

“In today’s environment, guys appear to prefer asking for money from female friends rather than their partners. I feel this is due to some women’s lack of discretion. You may find that a man requests you for money assistance, and then you go around telling your friends that you are the one who financially supports your partner. This type of behaviour may prompt males to seek financial assistance elsewhere,” Anita Santuri noted.

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