Pesa Mpango Mzima: Mungai Eve Dating A Saudi Businessman

  • Sheikh, a Saudi tycoon, has been identified as the man who sponsors and dates Mungai Eve.
  • Mungai Eve and Trevor, his longterm boyfriend, parted a few weeks ago.

Mungai Eve, a media celebrity, has ignited yet another round of online dating rumors. She is rumored to be dating one of the world’s wealthiest people, Sheikh Mohamud, a Gulf tycoon from Saudi Arabia.

According to close insiders, Mungai Eve and his new catch have been dating for an undisclosed period of time. This is following his rumored breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Director Trevor.

Despite this, the couple’s split has yet to be publicly revealed. Rumours imply that cheating in a relationship may be the primary cause of separation.

Mungai Eve Dating a Saudi Arabian Tycoon

KenyanTrend dug further and discovered the behind-the-scenes story of Mungai Eve. The star is believed to be dating one of the world’s wealthiest people. Sheikh Mohamud, a Saudi tycoon.

It is thought that the tycoon has been financing Mungai Eve since his breakup with Director Trevor in early 2023.

However, it is unclear whether the two are in a relationship or just doing business..

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However, Mungai Eve and Director Trevor have yet to come open about their split. The two have decided to remain mute on the matter.

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