Kamene Goro Disputes Claims of Sleeping With Oga Obinna And Andrew Kibe

  • Kamene Goro, a former Kiss FM journalist, has spoken out about rumors that she had an affair with Oga Obinna and Andrew Kibe.
  • Kamene, who was being interviewed on Tuko Extra, stated that the claims were all rumours.

According to him, the claims began with Andrew Kibe, with whom she had previously worked with at NRG radio and Kiss before Jalang’o and Obinna replaced him.

Kamene denied the charges and lebbelled them as gossips, claiming they were only friends with Oga Obinna and Andrew Kibe.

She thinks the rumors were most likely sparked by the fact that she had more male colleagues than female ones.

”It started when I was working with Kibe then it became when I was with Jalas, and then now it was Obinna and I am ‘guys!’.

“I actually have more male friends than I have female friends and we have some really good friendships. Like I have known Obinna for a very long time, same way I have known Jalang’o for a very long time. And guess what guys, we are just friends. Haijawai pita yani anything ever ever yani we homies,” Kamene stressed.

When asked about her husband DJ Bonez’s thoughts on the accusations, Kamene insisted that she had to be honest with him and that he had no concerns.

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She added that there is no secret between her and DJ Bonez because their marriage is built on trust.

”I met Bonez for the first time when I was 24 years old. I was returning to Kenya. We didn’t like each other at all and I think I heard a lot about him and when he got to know me he realized how wrong people were. He had his own opinion about me. He is not someone who can just suspect for anything because most of the time we are together.” She added.

Kamene Speaking About His Body Count

Regarding her personal life, Kamene Goro has been quite transparent. She was open about how many partners she had in the past.

When Kamene revealed on August 27, 2018, that, at the age of 26, she had slept with 27 men, it sparked national discussion.

Kamene revealed the information in a True or False in a Whiskey Challenge session with Andrew Kibe and Prezzo at NRG Studios.

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“Let’s not judge me. My body count stands at 27 as we speak,” Kamene Goro, who was 26 years old at the time, confessed.

In june of this year, a journalist asked Kamene a bothersome question regarding her background, wondering if her body count had shoot in front of her husband, DJ Bonez.

This occurred when Kamene and her spouse allowed YouTube bloggers to question them at a news conference they hosted before their performance in Mombasa.

Kamene later left the interview when she was asked about the number of bodies she had.

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