Director Trevor Fires Mungai Eve And Rebrands The Company

  • Trevor, a Kenyan video filmmaker, recently made waves when he revealed that Mungai Eve Media, his company, was restructuring.
  • Director Trevor announced the company’s name change to Kenya Online Media (KOM) on his Instagram stories.
  • This update affects the company’s Facebook page and YouTube channel in addition to its Instagram account.

The company’s founder and chief financial officer, Director Trevor, stressed that the rebranding ushers in a new chapter for the business.

What’s notable, though, is that Mungai Eve, his lover, has been removed from the company’s name.

This decision was taken in the middle of rumors that the couple was divorcing.

Early in the year, sly internet users speculated about a romance between them because none of them had shared any photos of the other on their Instagram accounts.

In addition, Mungai Eve and Director Trevor stopped following one other on social media, raising the possibility that there are issues in paradise.

In a previous Q&A session with fans, director Trevor verified this and said that he and Mungai Eve were paid equally for the advertisements they created on Facebook and YouTube.

Mungai Eve’s omission from the formal rebranding announcement just serves to heighten the mystery and fan the flames.

She distanced herself from the company’s rebranding ceremony by revealing her intentions to travel abroad for vacation.

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Given these events, it seems that Director Trevor’s choice to rename the business without consulting Mungai Eve represents a substantial change in their working and personal dynamic.

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