Meet Emma Brenda Wanjiru, Kenya’s Most Gorgeous Police officer

Kenyans have voted policewoman Emma Brenda Wanjiru as one of the country’s most gorgeous cops. Brenda rose to prominence in 2016 after eagle-eyed Kenyans spotted her extraordinary attractiveness.

The mother of one has a sizable social media following, which she uses to educate and inform the public on a variety of topics.

Emma Brenda is a native of Nyahururu in the central region of Kenya. Her parents worked for the police. However, she and her other sibling were brought up by their mother. When she was four years old, her parents got divorced.

Emma described how her mother instilled discipline on her while speaking to national television in a recent interview.

“The morals that my mum taught me have shaped the person I am If not, I’d be really frail,” she said.

In 2008, after graduating from high school, Emma welcomed a child. This took place when She had travelled to Kiserian, Kajiado County, to see her uncle.

She seized the opportunity to meet her ex-boyfriend. She later becomes pregnant as a result of a series of events.
Emma and her partner fled to Rongai out of fear for her mother, where they leased a single room.

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But she noticed that her fiance had become irrational. He would abuse her mentally and physically.

“My daughter’s father mistreated me because he knew I wouldn’t return home, she said. He would abuse me mentally and physically. He made me feel useless since he was older than me, she added.

When Emma’s daughter was only eight weeks old, she was compelled to return home.

Emma left for Nairobi, where she worked as a supermarket attendant, not long after returning home. She tried her luck in the military during that time.

She participated in the 2012 police recruitment procedure and was hired in fifth place. Since just four women were being hired, Emma was dropped. But after discovering that one of the chosen women was pregnant, she was called back.

Before entering service, she completed the 18-month training programme at the Kiganjo Police Training College.

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Emma is a fantastic success story. Despite the difficulties she had growing up, she has demonstrated that women can outperform in every area of life.

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