How College Dropout Earns Millions as Part-Time Income

  • Eve Mungai, a YouTuber and content creator, articulates how she generates money extra income from home.
  • Eve Mungai is Kenya’s most popular YouTuber. Within three years, his YouTube channel grew to over 700,000 subscribers.

Eve was a student at NIBS technical college in 2020, during the Covid period. She was forced to drop out of school due to financial difficulties.

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She met his partner, Director Trevor, who was a visual media student at JKUAT, through friends. They moved in together and decided to start their own company as partners while still in a relationship.

How Eve Mungai earns money

Eve Mungai’s brand is regarded as the highest-earning content provider in Kenya. Her profits are thought to be in the millions of Kenyan shillings.

Eve Mungai’s primary source of income

Eve Mungai makes millions as a content creator and YouTuber in the following methods.

AdSense by Google

Since YouTube is an affiliate network, it works with Google to pay its creators via AdSense.

Eve Mungai earns almost $10k in a good month, which is equivalent to one million Kenya shillings.

Endorsements for Brands

Mungai Eve obtained several corporate engagements thanks to her YouTube subscribers.

She has signed multimillion-shilling contracts with corporations like Odibets, real estate firms, and travel agencies, among others.


Eve Mungai, an Odibets trusted ambassador, is also a gambler. She is a registered member of the massive betting corporation. She spends her free time at home putting bets on odibets websites.

sponsored Interviews

Eve Mungai earns money quickly with sponsored interviews on his YouTube channel. Clout chasing and other sponsored content are examples.

In conclusion, despite her age of 23, Mungai Eve has served as an inspiration to many. Her accolades influenced several to enter the content market despite the difficulties involved.

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