Erick Omondi: How I make my money

  • In a recent, the experienced comic explained how he gets money and how he plans to launch his radio station.
  • Erick has been in the comedy industry for almost a decade. He once stated that he made his first three million Kenyan shillings in 2008.

Erick plans to launch his radio station

Erick has created a brand in the entertainment sector as a comedian. He is the most followed artist due to his prominent standing. His earnings in the entertainment business amount to millions of Kenyan shillings.

Erick recently posted a video of bundles of shillings. He even suggested starting a radio station and hiring fellow comic Oga Obinna.

How does Erick Omondi get money?

As described below, Erick Omondi earns money in a wide range of ways.

Endorsements of brands

Erick Omondi, the most well-known artist in Kenya, collaborates with companies to increase his income. He has several businesses partnering with his brand, including gambling sites, pakamia, sportpesa, and a supplier of maize flour.

By way of Gigs

Erick Omondi, one of the most adored comedians, also makes money from gigs.

He can secure bookings from various establishments and organizations in a week.

Erick is a club owner

Erick is the business owner of one of the major clubs in Lang’ata. He launched it at the beginning of 2023. Erick adds to his present income through the club’s activities.

Advertised Content

Like the most recent one, in which the comedian is purported to have participated in Maandamano in and around the counties of Nairobi and Kisumu.

The comedian allegedly struck arrangements worth millions of dollars to persuade his followers of that. According to some sources, he may be considering running for office in the general elections of 2027.

Through the arrangement, Erick was even able to provide Kenyans with free bundles of maize flour.

In conclusion, a lot of aspiring comedians have been inspired by Erick. His perseverance has shown how dedication and combined hard work can yield positive results in life.

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