EACC Targets Fake Certificates In The Public Sector

  • Kenya’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has declared a nationwide campaign to combat forged certifications in the public sector.

In an interview, EACC Chairperson Oginde assured Kenyans that they would put in a lot of effort towards completing the PSC report on academic certificate authenticity.

According to Oginde, he would also be receiving updates from his collaboration with Mohamed I Amin, the Director of Criminal Investigations, and CEO Twalib Mbarak.

“EACC is legally permitted to recoup all compensation and advantages obtained via the use of fake academic credentials. The criminal prosecution of the criminals is another possibility”  stated Oginde.

According to Oginde, forgeries have occurred in a variety of public sector offices, some of which are undisclosed and have not yet come to light.

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The Ministry of Interior, the geothermal industry, Kenyatta National Hospital, and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital are the public sectors most impacted, according to Oginde.

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