Peter Salasya Criticized Over His Spoken English In An Interview

  • Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya slammed during an interview with KTNnews, after failing with English.

On February 16th, Peter Salasya was once again the centre of attention after straining to speak fluent English during an interview with KTN news anchor Ashley Mazuri. The interview at the standard media group raised issues about the parliamentarian’s communication skills.

This came as he was reacting to the President’s plans for the country. During the conversation, the member of parliament was compelled to switch to Kiswahili due to language difficulties.

During the conversation, he expressed his affection for the President, claiming in Swahili that His Excellency had given him a dowry payment if he wanted to marry anytime.

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A number of online users voiced their disappointment, describing him as an intoxicated guy who is unable to articulate himself in English.

“Useless MP Kizungu pia ni shida” wrote @Catherine IKovwa3401.
Another user commented, “Uyu ameingia Studio akiwa Ndogogio.”

Despite any doubts about Peter Salasya’s education, the legislator is a knowledgeable individual. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Egerton University, as well as several certificates.

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