Details on the Multimillion-dollar Electric Car Seen With President Ruto

President Ruto was seen driving a yellow electric automobile, which sparked much debate in the country.

Nairobi has recently seen an increase in the number of electric cars and motorcycles. This occurred recently at the African climate summit held at the KICC.

The move is intended to accelerate the deployment of electric motorcycles and bicycles in the country.

The details of the multimillion-dollar car

The electric automobile is anticipated to cost Kenya Shillings 1.4 million. Its charge time can take up to 12 hours to receive a full charge.

The car charging fee is 700 Kenya Shillings. After a full charge, the automobile can travel up to 300 km before the battery runs out of power.

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Besides from the car, President Ruto has been seen riding an electric motorbike worth more than 200,000 Kenya Shillings.

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