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 Mapenzi Tight: Ferdinand Omanyala Remains Devoted to his Marriage Despite Kenyan Ladies Luring Him on Social Media,

Ferdinand Omanyala, Africa’s fastest man, has expressed gratitude and respect for his wife’s persistent faith in his aspirations, especially when he battled to sustain their family.

Laventa Amutavi and Omanyala first met in 2016 at a kibandaski, an improvised food stall, when Omanyala felt an instant connection.

It took him seven months of chasing her before she reciprocated his feelings.

She was studying social work at Moi University at the time, while Omanyala was at the University of Nairobi.

Omanyala’s wife was instrumental in shouldering the family’s financial duties during the early stages of his profession, while he was still striving to establish himself.

She worked hard at Mama Lucy Hospital while he was juggling other activities and studying at university.

She supported her family with her hard-earned salary. She even advised Omanyala to invest in his talent, telling him, “Ferdi, take this money and use it for your training and other needs.”

Omanyala made what he could, but his remuneration as a national athlete was minimal. Winning a race would get him only Sh5,000.

Recognising this, Omanyala emphasised the importance of his wife’s position by providing considerable financial support.

Her unfailing faith in him and her belief in his aspirations established a solid foundation for them both.

Omanyala’s athletic career gained traction, and he became a prominent figure, gaining the attention of many admirers.

He did, however, state clearly that he remained committed and true to his wife, disregarding private messages from ladies with dubious intentions.

He remarked that he does not engage with those who do not have real and transparent intent.

His social media managers comb through his messages, bringing just the most significant or relevant messages to his attention.

Omanyala sets hard boundaries while being focused on his profession and family.

Recognising the temptations that come with his sudden celebrity, Omanyala stated:

“If I had an affair with every woman who expressed interest, I would have over 300 affairs.”

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He expressed thanks for the encouragement and attention he receives from ladies drawn to his success, but he remains committed to his wife, making sure he knows where he stands in all conversations.

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