Brave Couple Survives Ferocious Lion Encounter in Isiolo Forest

  • The young couple are said to have been out collecting firewood were out collecting firewood in Elsa Ntirim village, Burat ward before encountered a ferocious lion.

Couple’s Encounter with Lion in Isiolo Forest

A harrowing incident unfolded in Isiolo Forest when a couple narrowly escaped death after encountering a ferocious lion on Tuesday evening. The couple displayed immense courage and managed to fend off the lion, ultimately saving their lives. This incident sheds light on the ongoing human-wildlife conflict in the area and the urgent need for effective measures to mitigate such encounters.

Couple’s Narrow Escape from a Lion Attack

Walking through Isiolo Forest, the couple found themselves unexpectedly facing a grave threat as a lion stealthily approached them from behind. The lion pounced on the woman, clawing into her legs and causing severe injuries. In a scramble for survival, the woman managed to outrun her husband, leaving him vulnerable to the fierce predator’s attack. The lion tackled the man to the ground, scratching his sides and putting him in a life-threatening situation.

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The couple, who are parents of two young children, bravely fought the lion with the help of a panga and managed to survive the ordeal. They are currently receiving treatment at the Isiolo County Referral Hospital for their injuries.

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