Stivo simple boy throws vibes to Bahati’s Wife Diana Marua at their home during an interview.(video)

In an interview, Stivo simple boy was Salivating on Bahati’s wife Diana Marua.  The clip has gone viral.

Stivo is a cool dude. He has feelings, just like any other man. As seen in a video posted online yesterday.

Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife, was left blushing. ” Stivo alitupa ngeli vilivyo.” Bahati must be worried right now.

A screen grab of the Video. Source: Diana Bahati Instagram

The singer of “freshi Barida” was in an interview. Then everything changed. He began sending vibes to Diana B.

Stivo was quoted as stating, Naona Mwili yako iko sambamba, inapendeza sana. “Hauna Gongingo wala nini,” said Stivo.

Diana blushed and replied, “stivo had crushed the vibe here.” She couldn’t believe her eyes.

This occurred at their home while Bahati was away. “Muheshimiwa” was busy campaigning. And Stivo took advantage of it.

Bahati, on the other hand, was envious as a man. He commented on the Instagram video. Read more below.

“Huyu jamaa nitamchapa…freshi barida Kitu gani!!” Mathare’s incoming member of parliament responded.

Check video below.

a cllip of Diana Marua and Stivo simple boy.

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