Mali Safi Chito Warns DJs Against Using Her Music on YouTube

Kenyan artist Millicent Jepkorir, also known as Marakwet Daughter, has expressed worry over local DJs taking advantage of her a success song “Mali Safi Chito.”

She recently voiced her displeasure with DJs who have been streaming her music to their YouTube channels without her permission in an interview, calling it inappropriate.

Marakwet Daughter expressed her dissatisfaction at witnessing DJs take use of her hard work without the necessary permission and stressed the time and effort she put into making “Mali Safi Chito.”

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She made it clear that although she doesn’t mind DJs performing her song at parties or events, she is vehemently against its unapproved YouTube distribution.

Marakwet Daughter urged DJs to respect her rights as the song’s artist.

“You are not permitted to upload my song to your YouTube channel, DJs Heshimu Kazi Yangu. Hamjui chenye nlipitia ndio nirecord iyo Wimbo The rights of the song b long to me. Please don’t post my art to your YouTube channel. Furahia, tumia song, piga sherehe…But don’t upload on your YouTube channel,” she remarked.

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