Faish Collymore, An Upcoming Content Creator, Accuses Eve Mungai of Stealing

  • Faish Collymore who is an aspiring Youtuber is upset with Eve Mungai Media for stealing her work.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, the content creator claimed Eve mungai obtained her tireless efforts without her consent.

Who exactly is Faish Collymore?

Faish Collymore is a YouTuber and aspiring content developer. Her interest in the industry began barely six months ago.Through out the Journey, she has gained nearly 2k YouTube subscribers.F aish Collymore, like other YouTubers, believes that one day she will be as successful as her mentor, Hellen Shaw.

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Besides creating content, Faish Collymore is a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology Juja Campus

Faish Collymore’s beef with Eve Mungai Eve

As a struggling creator, it hurts much When someone steals your hard work.

Faish Collymore, a celebrity interviewer, was the recent to fell a victim of content theft. She had conducted an interview with Mbusii, the host of Radio Jambo. An interview that appeared to be her first foray into the world of content.
According to Faish Collymore, she claimed Eve Mungai took over the work and shared it on her social media platforms without her permission.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Faish Collymore extended her blame to Eve Mungai’s crew for the incident. She appeared disappointed as she explained what happened, calling out Eve Mungai for theft after she ignored crediting her work.

Although it is uncertain whether Mungai Eve was involved, Faish Collymore is convinced that the Content developer had a hand in what transpired.

Despite, Faish Collymore is looking forward to hearing from Eve Mungai and has stated that she is willing to talk with her and settle everything.

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