Khaligraph Jones Anaosha Diamond Kwa Mziki: Cassypool

  • Cassypool, a controversial and critical speaker, argues that Khaligraph outshines Tanzanian musician Diamond on international stages.
  • Cassypool stated that, despite Diamond’s massive support base in East Africa, he is unlikely to sell more tickets for his international gigs.
  • According to him, Tanzanian artists struggle with the English language, making it difficult for them to achieve success in English-speaking countries.

Tanzanian musicians are recognized for their bongo-style singing. Artists such as Diamond, Zuchu, and Harmonize have had most of their foreign gigs cancelled. This is assumed to be due to their trouble with the English language.

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Why is Khaligraph regarded as a greater artist than Diamond and other Bongo musicians?

According to a recent interview with Cassypool, Kenyan artist Khaligraph Jones is significantly superior to Diamond.

Even though the fact that Diamond has sold more pay-per-views than any other East African musician.

Diamond is the only East African artist with more than two billion, one hundred fifty-three million, three hundred twenty-nine thousand seven hundred forty views on YouTube.

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Cassypool believes that if Diamond and Khaligraph Jones have gigs in English-speaking countries such as the United States, one of them (Diamond) will struggle to sell tickets to fans.

Khaligraph songs have far greater influence in the United States than Diamond tunes. According to the actor, most of Diamond’s songs have an impact only in East Africa, where the majority of his followers dwell.

“Ukichukuwa Khaligraph na Diamond uwapeleke penye hakuna mtu yeyote anawajua USA, na ujaze stadium, the OG will bring down the whole stadium.”said Cassypool

He went on to claim that one of Khaligraph Jones’ songs, “Yego,” will have more effect in the United States than Diamond’s “Yatapita”.

“Kahaligraph Unaweza dhania ni black American, kijana Mjaluo amekula gym. Mzungu anamwaga machozi akiingia stage hivi. Diamond naye na yatapita, hakuna mtu ataskia chochote”. continued Cassypool

Cassypool also stated that Tanzanian artists are not as excellent as Kenyan artists. Apart from Khaligraph Jones, he believes many others can perform better than him on a global scale. He mentioned Wyre and Dufla Diligon, among others.

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