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Reactions Has Stivo Simple Boy Rewards a Fan Sh.100 on TikTok

The musician posted a video of himself enthusiastically giving a fan 100 shillings for recognising one of his tracks, which has expressed varied feelings on the move.

Stivo Simple, a gospel recording and performing artist, garnered conflicting reactions from netizens after posting a TikTok video attempting to flaunt his star status.

Stivo was seen exiting a crowded vehicle while the young boy waited for him. They greeted each other, and after briefly exchanging a few words, Stevo asked the young fan to name one of his songs.

“Unapenda ngoma yangu gani (Which one of my songs do you know)?” And the young lad quickly responds with ‘Freshi Barida,”

“Tutakuja baadaye alafu tukununulie ka lunch. Uko tu hapa around?” The man can be heard asking the child, who replies that he will wait for the two to return.

The artist is thrilled and compliments the child as the two continue to speak inaudibly for a few moments before Stivo, holding his phone in one hand, pulls out a Sh 100 note and hands it to the child.

“mimi na Khaligraph Jones ndio marapa wakubwa hii Kenya,” Stivo Simple Boy captioned the video.

In response to the video, netizens have been torn. Some thought the money was so small that it bordered on rudeness, while others urged Stevo not to try too hard to fit in.

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Here are a few remarks taken from his post:

Erick Morgan: Stevo be serious🤣,yaani mia moja ndo unapeana 😄

Tamaji : at least aka kamia katamsaidia 😅😅

Jolly 254 : sasa 100 na hii economy surely ita nunua nini Stevo

yg : tulia bro utachoma 😂😂😂

Olechoge: simple boy helping people on the ground.



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