Stivo Simple Boy unveils his Amazing new Freshi Barida Juice 

Stivo Simple Boy unveils his brand new "Freshi Barida"

Stevo expressed his delight that the waiting time had come to an end on Instagram.

He involved his followers by asking them to weigh in on the decision of the guest list for the impending launch event.

The ‘Freshi Barida’ juice brand, boasting a wonderful choice of six various flavours, has been presented by Kenyan artist Stevo Simple Boy.

Stevo transformed the phrase “freshi barida” into a successful juice brand, a big departure from his earlier slang, which he proudly announced on his Instagram account. Interestingly, he expanded his business interests earlier by turning slang into a successful product merchandise that has become quite well-liked among Kenyans.

The memorable tagline “freshi barida,” which was inspired by a Mungai Eve interview, captures the idea of quality and coolness. Later, a song with the same title painted this saying. The phrase “freshi barida” is protected by Stevo Simple Boy’s trademark, indicating his exclusive control over its use by the law.

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