Why Azimio Have Suspended Bi-partisan Talks With Kenya Kwanza

  • Edwin Sifuna, Secretary-General of ODM, reveals reasons for Azimio Party’s suspension of bi-partisan talks with Kenya Kwanza.
  • The suspension was due to the failure of Kenya Kwanza representatives to agree on common-sense interim measures.
  • Proposed measures included lowering the cost of Unga, preserving the Election Servers, suspending IEBC reconstitution, and leaving Jubilee alone.

The Secretary-General of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), Edwin Sifuna, has shed light on the reasons behind the Azimio Party’s decision to suspend bi-partisan talks with Kenya Kwanza.

Sifuna disclosed that the suspension came about due to the failure of Kenya Kwanza (KK) representatives to agree to several common-sense interim measures that were deemed necessary for the success of the dialogue.

Azimio four pointers

In a statement, Sifuna outlined the specific measures that Azimio Party had proposed, which were met with resistance by Kenya Kwanza. These measures included:

  1. Lowering the cost of Unga: Azimio Party advocated for the reduction of the price of maize flour (Unga) to make it more affordable for ordinary Kenyans.
  2. Preservation of the Election Servers: The party sought to ensure the safeguarding of election servers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.
  3. Suspension of IEBC reconstitution: Azimio Party proposed the temporary suspension of the reconstitution of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in order to address concerns and potential conflicts during the dialogue.
  4. Request for Kenya Kwanza to leave Jubilee alone: Azimio Party appealed for Kenya Kwanza to refrain from interfering with the affairs of the Jubilee Party, emphasizing the need to focus on the bi-partisan dialogue without external distractions.

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Sifuna further emphasized that these measures were viewed as necessary to safeguard the outcomes of the talks and ensure their success. However, the failure to reach an agreement on these interim measures led to the suspension of the bi-partisan dialogue.

Azimio-Kenya Kwanza dialogue

“We had to suspend the bipartisan dialogue after our attempts to convince our friends from KK to concede to common-sense interim measures were unsuccessful. These measures are crucial in our view to protect the integrity and desired outcomes of the talks. We hope that reason will prevail,” stated Edwin Sifuna.

The suspension of bi-partisan talks highlights the challenges encountered in reaching consensus on key issues between Azimio Party and Kenya Kwanza. As discussions continue, it remains to be seen if both parties can find common ground and resume the dialogue with a renewed focus on achieving their shared objectives.

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