Senator Murungi Now Reveals President Vehicle Got Avoidable Accident In Meru

The senator recounts harrowing experience when president's vehicle got an nearly fatal accident

  • President Ruto was on a working tour in Mt Kenya Region when the accident happened.
  • Senator now discloses details of the accident that occurred last week when the president was traveling uphill on the Embu- Meru highway.
  • The senator sympathized with the president for going through such an experience. 

Details of the Accident:

President William Ruto pitched a tent in Meru County before traveling to Italy to attend the Italy-African Summit being held in Rome.

According to political analysts, his visit to Meru follows his effort to consolidate his voters amid the political wrangle happening in Meru County.

According to Meru senator Kathuri Murungi, the president’s vehicle got a tyre burst after hitting a pothole along Embu- Meru highway.

The presidential motorcade stopped for a few minutes to fix the tyres before proceeding.

The senator faulted the accident on Kenya National Highway Authority  (KenHa) for failing to do their mandate even after being allocated enough money by the treasury.

I felt so sorry for the president when I saw that his car had collided and its leg was torn. So, imagine if it had been downhill and had hit a leg, what would have happened to the head of state?

That’s the problem I’m asking about. It’s fortunate that we were going uphill, so it hit and stopped there. But if we had been going downhill at the speed of the presidential motorcade, then we could be talking about other stories

The senator further added that KenHa does not give small tenders like filling potholes to the local community.

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