President Ruto Makes Surprising U-turn in Attending Italy-Africa Submit

Section of Kenyans are now criticizing Ruto's presence in Italy contrary his previous stand.

  • President Ruto attended the Italy- Africa summit in Rome despite his previous stand that African leaders were being mistreated on those summits.
  • East African leaders skipped the summit.
  • President Ruto now claims that the African continent needs practical solutions which is why he has attended the summit.
  • Kenyans online, especially on X have shared their views on the matter.

President William Ruto is now taking a U-turn on his previous stand, where he made remarks that he as the president of Kenya won’t be attending the Summits where Africa as a continent is invited by a single state.

He was pushing for representation of Africa through the Africa Union representative team that comprised of Chair, vice chair, and chair of representative. He stated that the previous approach where all heads of states attend such summits was a waste of time as it was not productive at all.

With summit coming a few months after Russia- Africa summit, which he didn’t not attend. It has attracted criticism online on why the president seems to be changing tune on diplomatic-related matters.

Renowned journalist, Larry Madowo takes the lead in highlighting the contradictory stand of the president via his X handle.

President William Ruto said he + other African leaders would not be summoned by 1 country. The African Union would represent them going forward.

He’s standing just steps away from both the AU chair & the AU Commission chair in Italy while other East African presidents skipped




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