Zuchu Furious At Daimond For Kissing Another Woman

  • Zuchu was not happy after a live recording of a show that featured a lady who engaged her partner and boss in kissing.

Zuchu, who is dating Diamond Platinumz, was enraged by the incident and was seen responding aggressively to an Instagram comment.

The lady was referred to as Fantana, an actress whom they were filming a live recording show of Young Famous &African, before the love scene with Diamond Platinumz, which brought emotions to Zuchu.

The encounter appeared to be acceptable for Diamond Platinumz, who claimed he thought to be the finest kisser until he met Fantana, a lady who gave him the best kiss of his life.

This enraged Zuchu, as evidenced by his response in the comment after Ronyjons tagged him in a questionable situation.

“Umeangalia msimu mpya was Filamu ya dai??” Ronyjons inquired.

The enraged Zuchu responded that he had checked and sent a f**king message to the lady.

“Nimeangalia mwaya, tell him I said f**ck you,” Zuchu answered.

Fans believe Diamond should no longer be trusted when it comes to women based on the romantic combinations in the film.

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